Welcome to the “Land of OON”
as told to me by “The Great Oon” of “The Land of OON”

The Moon has been painted orange tonight, by the little OONIES that live there-in. It has sparkling eyes, a broad toothy grin, with a little button for a nose. They are happy tonight, all of the OONIES. They are having a party, and their happiness they want to share with us. That's why the moon is smiling as they push the up button and cause the moon to rise.

The offical language of the OONIES is Mmm. When the OONIES paid a visit to the Earth a long long time ago and told the Earth people about “The Land of OON”, it kept sounding like Mmmoon.

OONIES are not very big people, standing about three feet tall, about half as wide. They are also transparent, which caused a little bit of a problem. No one can see them. OONIES are not very much into looks. They just flit around making people smile!!

Everyone sooner or later meets an OONIE!

Since they can't be seen, the only way you will ever know if you’ve met one is that you will start to smile??? Uncontrollably. That is the “Magic of the OONIES”.

Even if you don't want to, they will sneak up and touch you with a smile.

So, if you ever see anyone looking sad and don't know what to do???

Don't worry, The OONIES will be there and you won't even know it!

copyright 1982

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